Published: Monday, February 14, 2011

In today's world being a speaker is even more rewarding, as each of us have a talent to share with our listening audience that helps them to become motivated, and also provides them with the tools they need to soar to even greater heights in their own personal success. Sometimes it is only one sentence that gives them an AH HA moment of "Wow this is just what I needed" and then they go back to their jobs and their lives and get excited about what is next.

I know that in my life I have been told so many times that what I gave them from my presentation made a difference in their lives , and I know many of you who read this who are speakers and trainers have heard the same thing.

We all have so much information to give, so as speakers our next step is to write our book, yet many of us have so many books in us but just never seem to find the time to get it on paper. I know I am one of those people as well. I have co-authored several E books, numerous articles and even chapters in books and been honored to write the forward in many published books, but to publish my own book I have still not done that task. I have tons of my own material that I have not taken the time to turn into numerous books. Yet I know I have encouraged many to complete their books over the years and stayed on top of them to complete them on time, and yet I have not done that for myself. Each year I say this year I will do that and then this year comes and goes and it is not complete.

I know its because time which is so valuable. I find I rather spend helping others, but I just realized if I do these books I can continue in my task to help others. What I have decided that will work for me is to find a Personal Assistant and have her take all the things I have in my head and in power point presentations, and in articles and we will start reviewing and pulling off data and getting it all into the computer. Then we will outline the data, then we can start to put them into chapters and before I know it these books will start to come together and I can then publish them and get them out to others to help them achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives. Does this perhaps also reflect things you need to do to get your book done?

Also there are so many ways for speakers to find speaking engagements both paid and unpaid, so I felt that I would also put together some articles on just how to do that as well, as I believe that SHARING strategies we all use can help us all in the speaking world to soar to greatness. So I plan to ask all the speakers I know, and there are many, to share a strategy they used to find speaking jobs and then I can put it all together and share the tips with other speakers. This can be ongoing as there are always new ways to do things and new places to be found that can help us all.

Collaborations are the best way for us all to work together as its not about ME but what I can do for YOU that excites me.

So my wonderful Speaker friends, lets journey together to a world of magic where we transform the world into great learning and success because each of YOU possess such talent to share. Also if you are looking to become a certified speaker contact June Davidson as she is getting ready to start a class and let her know Robbie Sent you her email is . Also if you are a woman speaker this is the site you want to join and its FREE and it has a powerhouse of women connected on that site, so check it out here is the link

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